Alla GrAnde



Alla GrAnde

Design is her vocation

Alla GrAnde breaks the mould of a kontemporär artist, uniting the dimensions of design as a passionate dancer on all the stages of creative endeavour.
Design is her life. She lives and breathes design passionately throughout the breadth of her activities as an architect, designer, artist, creator and sculptor. The orchestra of her talents is reflected in the many different collections that she has masterminded.

Alla GrAnde works for a multitude of highly regarded companies and puts her unique signature to the interiors and exteriors of banks,
commercial buildings, medical centres, offices and privately owned villas. She designs not only interior spaces, façades and canvases, but also furniture, dwellings, jewelry, etc.

Alla GrAnde is an artistic umbrella brand that subsumes a wealth of talent. The artist does not sign her pictures with her name alone. She personalises many of her design- and artworks with a kiss that symbolises her passion and her intimate relation to what she creates.
"KISS is a visual expression of inner love and affection." Alla Grande

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Chess Kiss Handtufted

Moderni struktuuri

Colored Vintage & Patchwork
Jopa 70%



Jopa 30%

Moderni Kelim
Jopa 40%


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