From the drawing board to the loom

Creation can be described as the path between inspiration and the materialization of an idea. We are surrounded by concrete objects everyday that we take for granted and accept that they just are. A handmade carpet is very commonplace in our decor, however there is a history behind them that often goes unnoticed. There is a story that starts from the conception of the idea and with determination and perseverance is translated into beautiful work of art.

We asked one of the winners of our Design Competition about her story and how the idea of sun and calmness gave birth to the “Feeling” carpet.

Giulia Sola: curious, simple, light

Giulia Sola was born in Italy in 1980. Her passion for visual arts took her to study design, which allowed her to combine her aesthetic taste with technology.  

She Graduated from Politecnico di Milano in Industrial Design and has studied as well at the National Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).  

She currently makes global design, from a small object to the brand identity, always with a care for sustainability. “At the moment I work especially for interior projects and by contract. I really like to imagine a style and to find solutions to realize it, from the concept to the technical details.” Giulia tells.

A normal day, a normal life 

In the creation process one of the big questions is always where does the inspiration comes from. According to Giulia “Inspiration is everywhere in daily life. When you look for an idea, it can be found anywhere.” A normal day in her life depends on the project she is in charge of. It normally involves collaborating with the client, looking at an idea, sketching, finding solutions with the help of the technical staff, planning, and finally executing it. 

When it comes to finding ideas, for Giulia it’s always important to be in contact with her environment, “I like to find a simple style but never the same one, it changes depending the project and evolves with time. The importance is for it to be useful, functional and practical.” When it comes to the most exciting project Giulia has worked on, her answer once again brings us to an element of daily life. She explained to us that her home has been her most challenging project.

“You discover that the most difficult and exigent client is yourself.”  

She also described for us what style you will find if you visit her home : “Simple, very spacious and with no barriers.”
For Giulia, being that she is from the Mediterranean, the kitchen is her favorite room, “It is the meeting point in the house, where everything is discussed.”

CarpetVista Design competition

Giulia Sola is without a doubt a very talented designer. We got the chance to discover her through her participation in our Design Competition. Her carpets give a very delicate feeling of stillness and balance which led to her being one of our winners. 

She entered five different carpet designs, varying in sensation, but all connected to natural themes. Each carpet is associated to a particular material: Water, Earth, Fog, Ice, Sand. The idea behind her designs was to evoke, through a tactile and visual feeling, a landscape or a personal souvenir. 

If you are interested in design or have been inspired by Giulia’s story then we encourage you to participate in our 6th annual CarpetVista Design Competition. The winning designs will be produced in a limited edition and sold exclusively on CarpetVista. For more information click here.

Just one last tip if you want to take part in the contest:
“Be refined, tasteful, original and be brave”- Giulia Sola

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