Size matters

To make sure that you have made the right choice of carpet you should not go by appearance alone. Selecting the proper size is often equally as important. A carpet that is too small can be can make furniture seem unproportionately large and bulky. In this case selecting something larger will bring the room together and give the space better overall feel.

Keep in mind that a carpet can be deceiving to the eye and perceivably change the proportion of a room. If for example, you place a carpet widthwise instead of lengthwise in an oblong room it will make it feel more rectangular. Before making your final choice you can lay down newspapers or a sheet cut to size to test the room. This will narrow your selection process and give you a great visual aid.

Placing a carpet under the dinning room table
If you wish to have a carpet under the dinning room table there are things to take into consideration. One important element is that it should be large enough to not only support the width of the table, but also that the chairs have plenty of space. This will prevent the legs from wearing the edges of the carpet when pulled away from the table.

Not only will this protect your carpet, but the appearance is much more sophisticated. When the carpet is too small it shrinks the size of the room as you can see from the images above. Which photo do you think looks best?

However you decide to decorate the floor in your home try covering the area before making your final choice and save yourself a lot of time.  

The carpet in the image is an Aghan.