Rudolf Stingel

Are you planning a trip to Venice, Italy? We can highly recommend a visit to Rudolf Stingels exhibition at the Palazzo Grassi, as it is guaranteed to be a fun experience for any carpet enthusiast. 

Rudolf Stingel, an Italian artist who now resides in New York, has exhibited his work at many major art museums across Europe and the United States dating back to the 90s. He has a fondness for carpets and often incorporates them in his artwork.

The entire exhibition was created for the Palazzo Grassi - a magnificent 1700s building in the heart of Venice. By dressing the walls and floors entirely in handmade carpets, Stingel has devised a special experience for the visitor where not only the paintings are on display, but the entire room is put into focus.

The exhibition runs until the 6th of January so if you are in the neighborhood, make sure you don't miss it!