"Rug-staging" day 1

Today's project is by far one of the most exciting we have had in a long time. It is the kind of house that you either love or hate. 

Big open concrete spaces with a 25 ft high metal ceiling definitely leaves an impression on anyone who sets foot in the house. The rounded windows in the upper bedrooms give a boat-like feeling and the view is simply stunning!

I saw this as a great opportunity to showcase our rugs in a minimalistic home. Rugs really do make all the difference!
My primary focus for the open space living area was color. A Patchwork rug was the obvious way of giving life and personality to the otherwise harsh, grey concrete inner structure. 

Our first day "on set" has been productive yet exhausting to say the least. Here are some photos from today, more to come....

Moderni struktuuri

Piristäviä mattoja

Colored Vintage & Patchwork
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