Carpet, carpet on the wall...

Most of the time when you think of a handmade carpet it is destined for one space and that is on the floor. This, of course, is the most logical place for it to end up, but that does not mean that it is the only place it can show off its beauty and craftsmanship. 

A handmade carpet is a unique and often valuable piece of art that deserves to be put on display. Hanging a carpet on a wall, rather than putting it on the floor, can add a great deal of depth and life to an otherwise open space. Placed in a sizable room it can also serve to reduce the effects of echoes and noise.

Here you can find some helpful tips on how to stylishly and safely place your handmade carpet on your wall. One method is to build or use a pre-existing frame around the carpet and attach it using fabric nails or staples. You can then hang it up like you would a painting. 

Another option is to carefully sew an open ended piece of sturdy cloth to the back and feed through a curtain rod to be mounted up on fixtures. 

Smaller Oriental carpets or Kilims can be attached directly to a solid piece of styrofoam and then hung directly on the wall.  

If the carpet you wish to hang is more exclusive and/or made of silk we recommend that you consult the assistance of an expert to avoid damaging your precious piece of art.

Here are a few suggestions for those who wish to spice up their walls: Qum Silk, Isfahan, Kilim

Your own creativity and imagination are the only limits when it comes to decorating your home. With a wonderful handmade carpet adorning your wall we are sure that your friends a family will agree that your room is the most beautiful of them all. 

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