Kosta Boda limited edition rugs in stock!

Hidden in the middle of the forest, in the southern region of Småland, Sweden, lies the Kosta Boda glassworks. Magnificent artglass and stemware has been produced here since 1742. Many of Kosta Boda's leading artists have worked there for several decades and are well established names all over Scandinavia. 

About a year ago five of the most famous artists (Kjell Engman, Erika Lagerbielke, Bertil Vallien, Anna Ehrner and Martti Rytkönen) ventured on to design rugs, influenced by their personal artistic style.

The rugs are hand-knotted in India using high quality wool. I know that these rugs will be popular in Sweden, but also stand a chance of making it into Scandinavian deco enthusiast homes all over the world! As an American Swede I definitely have to get my hands on one, but it won't be an easy choice. I'm torn between Kjell Engman's "Dance" and Martti Rytkönen's "Oval"

Some might consider these limited edition rugs a bit pricy, but after having seem them "live" trust me, they are worth every cent and won't be available for long!  

The Kosta Boda rugs are expected to go on sale in a select few furniture and glass retailers across Scandinavia and thanks to our collaboration with our European sister-site CarpetVista, they are also available on rugvista.com.  Come check them out here.