Nautical style

What is not to love about summer? The sunlight, the colors, the warmth and the smells! It is without a doubt the most relaxing season of the year. One emerging trend at the moment is decorating your interior in a nautical theme. Light colors with blue nuances mixed in with maritime inspired details are a great way to give your home a breath of fresh air. 

A great way to bring that beach and seaside feeling to the indoors is to style any space with a blue striped carpet, some light colored furniture and incorporate some wooden accessories to the room. 

To achieve a successful transformation of your space into a seaside getaway, you can use lighthouse themed accessories, beach signs, paintings inspired by the sea and even miniature model boats.

It doesn't matter if it is your summer cottage or your home, these subtle changes will help you in creating a relaxing space while keeping up with the newest trends.  

1. Cotton stripe Carpet by CarpetVista in a nautical setting
2. Flower fishes by Kjell Engman available on ArtGlassVista
3. Designer Carpet by Giulia Sola you can read more aboutGiulia Sola and her sea inspiration on our previous blog articles