Interview with interior design consultant Elizabetth Henberg

We recently had the chance to speak about life, interior design and carpets with interior design consultant Elizabetth Henberg. She is very passionate about beautiful interiors and bringing new life to old things and divides her time between rural parts of western Sweden and the capital Stockholm. 

When did your realize you have an interest for interior design?
As a girl I spent lots of time at auctions in the countryside and I think my interest for design and furniture developed during those years. When I was about 15 or 16 years old I loved re-arranging and re-painting furniture. 

I was both creative and productive, however I had a very hard time parting with my creations.  I soon realised I simply did not have room for everything I had acquired and eventually was forced to start selling things off.  By this time, I had developed a genuine interest for furniture and since then, it has only grown. 

How long have to been working as an interior design consultant?
I have been working professionally since 2008. I have the majority of my customers in Sweden, but have and will accept assignments from most parts of the world if I feel I can contribute. 

In addition to my interior design projects I also work as a freelance journalist and as arts & crafts teacher. 

What is your driving force? 
To create and to bring old items to life is very rewarding for me and you could almost say I rejoice in my work. There are lots of things that demand my attention and I try to find moments to rest and breathe in simple ways - for instance, taking a walk in the woods with my dog and bringing along a thermos of coffee. 

Do you have any tips for a young person who wants to become an interior design consultant? 
I know for a fact that there are some schools in Sweden and I am convinced that there are in the rest of the world too. Education is always good, but you will need a feel and sense for this job that can never be learnt from books or by attending classes. My tip is to be curious, eager and accept jobs that are related to what you want to do, even though they might not be always be the quickest paths to a career. One assignment will always lead to another and you do not know what the future will hold for you. As an example, I worked with home styling for a while even though it was not my dream.

What is the first question you ask when you meet a potential client? 
My job is to look for and refine the customer´s ideas, so my first question is what visions the client has. If the client does not have a particular vision, we go through what kind of design and styles the client is fond of and go from there. 

In most cases there are interesting items, which can be used as a focal point. Textiles and colors are very important and will need to work together. If you have a noisy sofa it might be a good idea to choose a calm carpet and vice versa.

You do not have to be extremely rich to have a nice home. Personally, I use to mix and match between flea market bargains, discount store items and exclusive pieces. This is usually how you bring out the true personality of a home or a room. 

Are there any basic rules when combining different types of carpets? Can I combine a Kilim with a Persian Carpet?
There is no reason to be afraid of mixing and matching if you find harmony in the colors. My best tip is probably not to be afraid of large carpets or rugs. If you have a large room it can be very stylish and striking with a large carpet under the sofa.

Are certain types of carpets better for certain types of rooms?
Not really and it is totally up to you and what you like. Personally, I would not put a Dorri in a bedroom because I like to put my feet on a thick, plush carpet. If a Dorri looks good and you are comfortable with it, there is no reason not to. 

I want a practical rug in the hallway because this is where you enter with wet shoes or Wellingtons, especially in northern Europe. 

I have a Persian carpet in my kitchen and it is both stylish and fairly practical because most carpets contain natural wool oil, which acts as a natural repellent.  This oil is also what gives the carpet its lustre.

How wild can I be when choosing a carpet?
Do not be afraid to let your personality reflect your choice of carpet. In the end, it is your home and the most important critic is yourself - no one else.

Picture 1:Tabriz patina
Picture 2: Elizabetth Henberg
Picture 3: Elizabetths interior decoration
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