Welcome this spring with a new colorful carpet

Joyful, happy, rejuvenated - these are just some of the emotions that are evoked with the coming of Spring.  

When Spring finally arrives after a long winter, we have a natural tendency to surround ourselves and our decor with more colors. They makes us feel energized and awaken some of the senses that have been somewhat dormant during the gloomy colder months. 

With every changing season there are also new trends that emerge. Some of this season's most popular colors are rich deep yellows, soft light pinks and steel blues. Accessorizing in these colors is one way of achieving a stylish and trendy change to your space, but if you really want to take it to the next level there is not better way than adding a beautiful new carpet to the mix

When you are finished with the Spring cleaning consider adding a splash of color to your floors and welcome in the warmth to your home with a new carpet. Why not opt for a bold and daring multi-colored Patchwork or maybe even a hand-knotted nomadic GhasghaiLori or Afshar carpet? For those seeking a more contemporary style, a single colored Handloom or  modern designer carpet such as the ones shown above could be the perfect way of welcoming Spring into your home.

Picture 2: Play Handtufted - Pink carpet by Sara Larsson

For more information, visit www.CarpetVista.com

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