Silencing your floors

Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment is familiar with the sound of the neighbors footsteps from up above. The noise of someone walking around in heels or shoes is enough to drive one crazy. Though you might not be able to do much about the sound coming from the ceiling you can eliminate some of that noise on you own floors by adding a handmade carpet.

The great thing about carpets is that you can kill two birds with one stone - by being considerate to the people living below and also adding some style to your floors. Whether you choose a Shaggy with a long pile, a thick and dense Gabbeh carpet or a Kilim with no pile, they will all reduce the effect of those stomping feet and liven up your interior.

If you are looking to place a single larger carpet or several smaller pieces all comes down to the look you prefer. You can find an array of handmade carpets for whatever budget you might have and with a relatively small investment you can both build up your relationship with your neighbors one floor below and also create a cozy setting in your own home. 

You never know, the next time your neighbors from above drop by and compliment you on your new carpets you can use the opportunity to tell them where you got them. 

See examples of Gabbehs as seen in the image