Meet the Designers: Marta Pineda

Success through hard work  

Marta Pineda is somewhat of a uncharacteristic designer. She describes herself as curious, passionate and persistent. In addition to these rather creative personality traits she has a degree in both design/photography and sales/marketing.  
This gives her a unique perspective on design in general, and offers her a different and interesting starting point when taking on a new project. For her it is important not just to create something that is esthetically appealing, but also has a function, purpose and is sustainable. A lack of structure and realistic thinking is otherwise common when dealing with creative people, and therefore her sales and marketing background offers the possibility of focusing on an actual need or function. This is something that we see in her campaigns, products and designs, and targeted ideas which are well thought through. 
Marta’s main advice for anyone who wants to start a career in product- or interior design is quite simple. Make sure to get a proper education to build on and through hard work this will enable you to follow your dreams and ideas. 
A quote from Picasso has helped her to evolve and in the pursuit of finding new and interesting ideas:

  “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”

Unpretentious designer 

Her interest in design started early and she thanks her parents a lot for giving her the opportunity of studying at a school where the students were given creative freedom, a chance of being close to nature and taught sound values. And a lot of this translates in her work as it is seen today. 

Today Marta collaborates with many different types of companies in both creating marketing designs and also with styling display windows and stores. 
As a designer she is attentive to her clients needs, and does not see the need of putting too much of herself in a product or a design just because she is able to. The end result is always the most important priority.
Marta constantly focuses on educating herself, evolving in the way she works and finding new approaches in addressing an issue. She spends a lot of time doing research to make sure that she is well prepared both in her existing projects but also with future trends and needs. 

Like a hound with it's nose to the ground  

It is important for Marta to keep her eyes and ears open when a new project is in the pipeline. Going to the movies, eating at restaurants, listening to new music, reading books and shopping are just some of the different scenarios where she is searching for inspiration and ideas, surrounding her self with as many impressions as possible to help stimulate her imagination. She describes this work process as being “like a hound with his nose to the ground”
All of these different impressions are then sifted through an invisible funnel, and a new idea is born.

Top picture: Mediatarde - Bottom picture: Piedras

Mediatarde & Piedras

Marta was one out of three winners in the 2009 edition of the Design Competition with her contribution Piedras. The idea behind this piece was to promote the simple and to show that simple can be beautiful.
Working on this piece defined Marta in the way she takes on a challenge in regards to her creative process, a process that she still lives by. 
The following year Marta once again was amongst the top contenders in the Design Competition of 2010 with her piece Mediatarde. A design that promotes serenity and homeliness, a place where time stands still and you are able to unwind and just be yourself.  
This design is more than just a carpet, it is an emotion. 

Close to nature – Close to work  

Marta prefer spending her spare time out in the nature, which is a calling for her just as important and stimulating as her passion for design.
She lives in a house with nature and stunning views literally on her doorstep, and loves to spend her days working in the small garden looking out over the mountains surrounding her home. 
Marta is an active person, always out running and taking long walks with her dogs. This is a way for her to disconnect from the busy world out there and suppress her creative mind, to be able to just relax and enjoy life. 

It takes no time for her at all getting out of bed and going to work. Starting the day early answering her emails and calling customers, with her studio and office on the first floor of her house.  
When working with different types of customers and projects it is important for her to be able to be flexible in her day and with the different obstacles that will come in her way. Her advice to others is to focus on creative tasks just after lunchtime, and this revelation has undoubtedly helped her with her own time managing skills. 

Marta’s preference when it comes to interior style is a mixture between Nordic design and industrial elements. Clean lines with light and natural coloring, incorporating natural wood and raw materials. She appreciates furniture and design with an actual function and she praises multi functionality when it comes to interior settings. 
In her living room she has her own Mediatarde carpet on display, surrounded with blue and turquoise colors complementing each other. Marta is inspiring both as a person and designer, and for me I cannot wait to see what comes next. I hope that you can’t either! 

Don’t forget to participate in this years Design Competition before the 9th of September. Take the chance of being our next big designer.

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For more information on Marta Pineda, check out her website here.