"Rug-staging" day 2

Yesterday was the second and final day of "rug-staging" at the massive concrete house designed by Abelardo Gonzalez. It was quite hectic as I not only had to focus on getting the rest of the rugs in place, but also lend a helping hand to the furniture store partner as one of their assistants had called in sick that morning. Go figure something like that would happen, typical!

The photographers were due to show up early afternoon and everything had to be ready for the photo-shoot.

I opted for a lavish green/turquoise Colored Vintage for the dining area. It was a real hit and I love the effect it gave the room. When looking down from the second floor the table almost looked like it was floating in the Caribbean sea! 

Since the master bedroom was furnished with a neutrally colored bedspread, I thought it would be great to fluff it up with some of our new Chain stitch embroidery hand-stiched pillows. These pillows are so amazingly beautiful and it comes as no surprise that they're the latest "must-have" asset for anyone looking for something unique and authentic. I find it hard to believe that someone can actually stitch such beautiful patterns by hand. They add personality and charm, something that is seldom the case with other "fashionable" assets these days. They are "one of a kind" instead of what I refer to as "one of many".

Here are some photos I took before the final touches had been added. I can't wait to see the "real" photos and am positive that the home owners will be pleased with the result. Fingers crossed it sells for more than their asking price!